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CashKo Mobile

The community and the world is now revolutionized and modern. Everybody is looking forward to accomplish their daily activities with instant methods. Most of our transactions can already be done through clicks from our computer, cellphone or internet based technologies.With this recognized need we found out that this is a good opportunity where we can take advantage of the current need of the community and convert into something that our members can earn profit from. Our partnership with rural net made this business opportunity for the members possible.

Mavenco, in partnership with Rural net, is running the Cash KO Mobile program. Cash Ko Mobile can do bills payments business, loading, money transfer and many more. The good thing about this program is we are extending this income generating activity to the members where they can operate in the convenience of their abode.

Have you ever tried selling cellphone load for sun, smart, globe, tm and talk and text with just one sim card?

Have you ever heard of doing bills payments business using your cellphone?

Have you ever dream of doing “Pera Padala business” and be mobile at the same time?

If you want to know more about Cash KO Mobile, you may visit our office or talk to our staff about this.“In Operating your own Business, How Mobile can you be?”
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