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Helping the Community in good times and even in CRISIS ( MAVENCO's response to COVID 19 crisis)

    The world was shook by a Pandemic Novel Corona Virus- 19. Hundreds of thousands were infected with the said virus with alarming trends of increase and mortality. Cebu Province was never spared from this epidemic. As a result the provincial and the local government mandated the implementation of lock downs, community quarantine, social distancing and cease of business operations in the locality to contain the spread of the virus. As a result millions of worker all over the country were affected especially with their financial sources to sustain their living.In response to the circumstances of the community, Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MAVENCO) took action to help the community especially its members to lessen the burden that the pandemic brought to the mass population.One of the community response program of MAVENCO is the donation of 500,000.00 pesos to the city government of Mandaue to help them with their operation in fighting the Pandemic. This donation was the consensus of the board of directors of MAVENCO through the suggestion of the top Management of the cooperative. MAVENCO also provided a freezer for Mandaue city for them to store the goods delivered to them for the food of the front liners. Aside from the donation MAVENCO exerted effort of being a supplier of the  raw goods for the food for the front liners of Mandaue City. Despite the threat of the pandemic, there are good souls and brave hearted staff of MAVENCO that volunteered to man the operation of the delivery of the goods for Mandaue City Government.

To give appreciation to these people, we would like to thank the willingness of the following individuals led by the BDC Department of the cooperative.
Herminigildo Alo, Vefe Rona, Sean Ybanez, Jennifer Canque, Rechelle Isanan, Mark Salatan, Hazel Berdos, Jumar Figura,Tito Dumadaug, Mark tugot, Joseph Paito
Our Warmest appreciation to the listed individuals who worked hard for the delivery of goods for Mandaue City Government despite the high risk and threat of the pandemic.MAVENCO also spent time, effort and money to help our members through distribution of relief goods to a wide range area coverage based on the area of multiple operation. A total of 3,300 members were the beneficiaries of the relief goods who received canned goods and rice. Below are the breakdown of goods received by our members:

This operation tulong of MAVENCO led by Daryl Daraog, Mary Jane Villegas, Arceli Asufra, the Branch Managers, Bookkeepers and other staff of MAVENCO. Despite the crisis, we never fear to help. Our aim is to be a consistent help to the community in good times or even in crisis. Furthermore, We would like to thank the support of the Board of Directors, the CEO and COO and those others not mentioned for their undying support for the fulfillment of our advocacy. MAVENCO, Helping you to prosper and survive in the face of any threat. We in the cooperative are optimistic that we will rise above this pandemic and "Together, We will heal as one."

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