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Mavenco is one of the leading Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Mandaue City with diversified programs and services including; thrift savings, competitive loan products and time deposits, Swine Financing program, Mav Care, Microfinance, Aflatoun savings and Insurance products.

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Monday, 01 April 2019 05:44

MAVENCO 19th Annual General Assembly

Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative held its 19th General Assembly and 20th founding anniversary at J Center Convention Hall Mandaue City. The event was very successful which was started by a holy mass by Monsignor Arthur Navales, followed by the processionals, the lighting of the unity candle, and the program proper. More than 1,000 members from the different branches of Mavenco attended the General Assembly and the Officers and Management is thankful to the attendees for giving time for the said event.

The 19th Mavenco General Assembly Highlighted the achievements of the cooperative and the goals for the next five years. Moreover, the achievements are shown by the different committee reports where the trends of the accomplishments were determined to be extremely exemplary. Aside from the metrics of performance that has been reported by the CEO, other agendas were presented by to the general assembly such as, the amendment of the Election Guidelines and Budget Projection for the year 2019.

In general the event was very successful and we The officers and the management would like to express our warm gratitude to the members and the original 25 cooperators which led to the birth of a cooperative which is now gigantic in size from its humble beginnings.
Sunday, 24 March 2019 03:25

Hydroponics livelihood seminar

      Last March 21, 2019 Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative, In partnership with the Department of Agriculture, conducted another livelihood training which was Hydroponics farming for the members of Carmen Branch. The training exhibits another farming method. This farming method mainly uses water and a medium alternative in the absence of quality soil.

      Hydroponics training was identified by the Business Development Center of the Cooperative for the members of the north part of Cebu because majority of the resources and source of living in the geographical area is farming. Furthermore, this method of farming ensures better productivity and cost effectiveness at the same time save on space requirement.

      The Department of Agriculture and Mavenco was glad with the interest shown by the members during the training program and we oversee that this method would further develop their farming activity when they return to their respective abodes. The example demonstrated by the training was planting lettuce and pechay using coconut husk submerged in water where in this method the environment of the plant is controlled and growth is faster compared to traditional farming.
Friday, 22 March 2019 05:39

Urban Gardening 2019

            In relation to continuously accomplishing the demographic profile, the Business Development Center of Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative was able to identify opportunities for the members in basis of their status, source of income and geographical location. This led to the planning and implementation of livelihood programs directed towards the goal of providing education and empowerment for the members of the cooperative. 
            Last March 14, 2019, Mavenco through its Business Development Center and in partnership with the Department of Agriculture conducted the Urban Gardening Livelihood Program for the members of Mandaue Branch. The training was held at Gretchen's Food house function room at 1 pm in the afternoon.The recipients of the training are mostly house wives and unemployed members. The said training aims to aid them with one way to generate income through farming in their respective residence by virtue of the principles of urban Gardening. We understand that most of them doesn't have ample lot space conducive for traditional farming, thus, the Urban gardening approach will aid them with techniques to do farming even in the presence of minimum lot spaces.
              The officers and Management of Mandaue City Public  Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative would like also to express its gratitude to the Department of agriculture for the support and freebies provided for the members and the members themselves for being responsive to the call of the cooperative to transform the society from futility to productivity. 
Last November 16, 2018, Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative attended the Awarding Ceremony of Mandaue City Cooperative Development Council at Mandaue City Sports Complex. Mavenco received awards from MCCDC and these were the Highest asset award, 2nd Place for the most Outstanding Cooperative, Active participation for the Community outreach and plaque of appreciation for the 2 resource speakers for the Coop Congress who talks about Gender and Development and Aflatoun Mobilization. 

The awards received by Mavenco are the identifiers that the cooperative is continuously developing and growing its operation in the majority of its cooperative aspects. With these awards, Mavenco will not seize to achieve and embrace the responsibility of growing not only the institution itself but the whole society through extending its products and services for the progress of its members. 
The Management and the Officers of Mavenco would like to extend their warmest gratitude to the support of the cooperative federation of MCCDC, their partners, the Staff, Officers and most especially to the members that help us achieve our vision. 

Our current miles stone as a cooperative is only a glimpse of the possibilities that the Mavenco can create for the future of the cooperative movement and the entire society. Mavenco operates not only to be a financial assurance but also as a social engine for the progress of the community.

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