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Mavenco is one of the leading Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Mandaue City with diversified programs and services including; thrift savings, competitive loan products and time deposits, Swine Financing program, Mav Care, Microfinance, Aflatoun savings and Insurance products.

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Website URL: http://www.mavencocoop.com.ph Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We aim to help other sectors sustain the cleanliness and orderliness of our coastal areas. Preserving our environment is one of our major concern and we cannot do this on our own. MAVENCO encourages everyone to take responsibility in keeping our environment clean and green. We look forward to another meaningful partnership...until our next community service. MABUHAY TO ALL!!!

As an organization which comprises of dynamic and diverse individuals, it’s inevitable that sometimes conflicts may arise either personal or professional in nature among colleagues. This holds true and will always exist and our cooperative is no exception. To address the differences and have a better understanding on the value of having a harmonious working relationship among employees, we have organized a very unique Team Building that aims to develop camaraderie and inculcate the importance of each employee and the value of teamwork in the success of the cooperative’s day to day operation.

The activity was divided in three batches and conducted in three different dates. First batch were joined by our Talisay and Consolacion branch and held the activity on August 28. Second batch were solely scheduled for Head Office and had the activity last September 1. Then the third and final batch which were joined by our Lapu Lapu and Mandaue (Main ) branch and had it last September 3, 2017. All three batches had the same venue at Mabolo Royal Hotel Mabolo, Cebu City.This year’s theme is very relevant, especially in our day to day role and responsibility in the operation. The theme wanted to convey a self realization which will add more value to relationship among colleagues and how to maintain harmony in the operations and respect for each other. The activity was facilitated by no less than Sir Glenn G. Glarino - Registered Psychology and PhD, he is the present chairman of the Department of Psychology of the University of San Carlos a well renowned facilitator whose expertise in Education, Psychology, Philippine Law & Culture and Human Development to name a few are enough proof that He is the best person to partner with in this activity.

Indeed, we were not dismayed hence we are grateful for the valuable insights and experience he had shared during the activity.There is no perfect organization nor a perfect individual, yet this is not a hindrance for one to reach the pinnacle of success. As the saying goes “ Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,and working together is a success.” Yes we may not have the option to choose who to work with but we have an option to be comfortable and stay happy on the people we are working with. Long live and wishing a better and happy MAVENCO!

Saturday, 09 September 2017 12:01

Mylabcoop 2017 election

MyLabCOOP is a program created for the youth. The program aims to provide an avenue for children to be financial literate, develop social responsibility and cater depositors ages 17 years old and below who wanted to start saving at a young age. To foster the importance of savings and how it will give the young one’s an opportunity to create a better and bright future, MAVENCO is strongly committed to bridge the needs of these children through environmental and socio economic activities.

A new set of officers has been identified and elected this year and these new officers are very dedicated to serve their fellow depositors. The cooperative is grateful to Mandaue Central Elementary School, Tipolo National High School and Cabancalan National High School for voluntarily sending their respective representatives to fulfil the vacant position for this year’s Aflatoun Board of Directors. We also acknowledge the full support of the parents for helping us provide a better avenue for these young one’s. We are positive that the new sets of officers would be of great help for the sustainable success of the program and respective activities for Aflatoun. MABUHAY MYLAB COOP!!!
Tuesday, 05 September 2017 05:16

Purchase of Swine Truck

Last summer we have purchased the Foton Swine truck to better serve our members for the Swine Financing program. We have upgraded our provision of service to the recipients of the program. Furthermore, we believe that through the operation of our Swine truck, we will be able to attract more members to be part of our Swine Financing Program.The purchase of the vehicle was driven out from the opportunity in transportation of feeds, piglets and harvest of hogs spotted by both the management and the members. We have heard our member’s voices. Through their voice we made action to complement their need of support. This action is very evident that Mavenco doesn’t merely hear the voice of our members but we listen and take action. Moreover, we just don’t take action but we act on the right timing and right procedure to ensure the achievement of our goals.

We are grateful for the support provided by the Board of Directors and the Management for being aggressive and open minded with new ventures and ideas to better serve the group of hog raisers. In parallel with the purchase of our Swine truck, we have made partnership with feeds supplier that strengthens our capacity to deliver an excellent program. Through these partnerships, we would also be able to develop our delivery of technical support, marketing support and information dissemination to our members about the new innovations and development in hog raising.Directly and indirectly, Mavenco’s Swine Financing program will improve and develop the agricultural sector of Cebu. Through the program and our consistence in improving the service, we envision the achievement of the supply and demand equilibrium for the human needs for food specially pork meat.

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