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Mavenco is one of the leading Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Mandaue City with diversified programs and services including; thrift savings, competitive loan products and time deposits, Swine Financing program, Mav Care, Microfinance, Aflatoun savings and Insurance products.

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A proud member of Swine Financing Program

      One of the trade mark livelihood program of Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative is the Swine Financing program which helps multiple hog raisers earn income with less hassle in terms of capital, technical support and marketing support of the agricultural business. The program started in Consolacion branch and later on extended its penetration to other members in other branches such as Talisay Branch, Carmen Branch, Carcar Branch and Mandaue Branch. Together with the expansion of Swine Financing Program with its coverage is the growth of membership, Portfolio and number of members granted with such Program.

      In 2016 there were only 31 members for swine Financing Program. In 2017 it grown to 63 members and currently we have 118 beneficiaries of the livelihood program and continuously growing. We have witnessed success stories of members with their hog raising business in partnership with Mavenco and it was all heartwarming and energize the cooperative to work harder to bring the great program to all parts of Cebu most especially to the marginalized agricultural hog raisers of the province.

In connection to the success garnered by the cooperative in touching its member’s life we would also want to recognize members preselected by our team with their outstanding performance of the said livelihood program partnered with good character in their entire membership with Mavenco’s Swine Financing Program. These preselected members are given a “Proud Member of Mavenco Swine Financing Program” tarpaulin to recognize their output in the livelihood program at the same time will serve as a marketing material that will be visible for other individuals who are aspiring to become a successful hog raisers in partnership with Mavenco. The members we selected are the following;

Mandaue Branch ( 1 member )
  1. Barotag, Jovelyn
Consolacion Branch     (7 members )
  1. Dayday, Juana
  2. Bobo, Maritez
  3. Hatamosa, Alan
  4. Agbay, Jaime
  5. Cabangbang, Anita
  6. Pepito, Margie
  7. Noval, Remedio
Talisay Branch       (5 members )
  1. Cañalita, Cecilia P.
  2. Saramosing, Norberto
  3. Montero, Angie
  4. Catalogo, Analiza
  5. Salazar, Sergio
Carmen Branch   ( 3 members)
  1. Monsales, Cudifer
  2. Ylanan, Roland
  3. Maglasang, Maria Mersa
Car-car Branch  ( 1 member )
  1. Revalde, Melona
With this recognition and marketing campaign of Swine Financing Program, we aim to increase our membership and help spread the good livelihood opportunity to all hog raisers in Cebu. Mandaue City Public Market Vendors envision the strengthening of the agricultural sector of the province as well as helping promote financial independence for all.
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