Grow your savings the easy way

Special Savings Deposits

Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative also wanted to educate the members about thrift savings. Thus MAVENCO offers a saving products with high interest rates.

Initial Deposit P2,000
Minimum Monthly Deposit P500
1 Year 7%   Per Annum
2 Years 10% Per Annum
3 Years 12% Per Annum

  • Open to all Regular and Associate member
  • Interest can be withdrawn yearly/automatically deposited to regular savings deposit
  • If withdrawn before its maturity, interest rate computation will be the regular savings deposit rate
  • Open an account for at least P2,000 with free  passbook and will qualify to earn interest
  • Minimum deposit of P500 every month
  • Bears with competitive interest rate
  • Interest earned is tax free