AGRICULTURAL LOANS - One of our productive loans that sought to help the development of the agricultural sector of the community as well as provide rewarding livelihood program for the members is our Swine Financing Program. Our Swine Financing is currently engage in hog fattening. The program will provide the following; 


2.Supply quality feeds, vaccines, & vitamins
3.Technical support
4.Marketing support

This program has its own memorandum of agreement that will be explained and agreed upon by Mavenco and the member who is interested to engage in the said productive loan. Furthermore, Swine Financing program is a partnership of the member and Mavenco where we provide the technical, financial and marketing support but the member is fully responsible of the credit line consumed by their Swine Financing Program account.

The advantages of using the loan products of Mandaue City Public Market Vendor’s Multi-Purpose cooperative are the following

  • Low interested rate compared to other financing program/ institution.
  • In taking advantage of the loan, the member would earn patronage refund as a reward of patronizing the products and services of the cooperative. The more you take advantage of our affordable loan products the bigger the patronage refund you will get annually.
  • We understand that the cooperative will earn income through interest. Since, Mavenco is a social enterprise instead of being a profit oriented organization, a big portion of the annual income of the institution will return to the members as dividends.

Mandaue City Public Market Vendor Multi-Purpose operates to give members an advantage in life