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Loan Protection Plan

September 10, 2016

        Aside from the loans, savings and time deposits products, we also offer products and services that will give assurance to the members because we understand that there are unpredictable situations beyond our reach.To give security to our members with these possible incidents we offer security products and these are through our Insurances. We encourage our members to enroll to our Fonus , Manulife,Climbs, and Fire insurances to give them sound mind in case they will be subject to unprecedented situations.

Manulife and Climbs
Is an insurance product for the members that secures their loan. If in case the member will pass away Manulife will pay the remaining balance of the loan of the member to the coop instead of the next of kin of the deceased. In addition to this the amount that was already paid by the member for his loan in the present duration of his death will also be reimbursed by Manulife to the member.
This is very beneficial to both the member and the coop for it provides financial security for both.


For additional information you may talk to us!

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